The Nordics Playlist!

Performance Headwear

Our performance headwear is equally at home as a scarf during a snowstorm, or as a headband/wristband during a sweaty trail run.  It multi-use capability means the HeyHeys performance headwear pairs well with your HeyHeys or holds its own as a standalone piece of the HeyHeys line up, be it a wrist accessory, headband, or even mountain pocket square!

Like our tights, HeyHeys headwear are available in five different patterns, shown in the photos:

- The SF Topo are inspired by one of San Francisco's particularly special areas and hidden trails, featuring the HeyHeys Trail Challenge route in the topo. These are available in grey/lave and in navy/mint.

- The Mountain Mints are inspired by surprise vistas of snow capped peaks shooting up above conifer tree lines and river valleys on crisp spring mornings, available in navy/evergreen/white.

- The Nordics are inspired by early season snow dances, frozen fjords, winter bonfires, and sing-alongs on mountain ascents, available in red/white/navy.

-The Spirit Bears are inspired by British Columbia's Great Bear Rainforest, which touches the Pacific and is home to rare white spirit bears and long tenured orca pods alike.  the Spirit Bears are available in slate blue/grey/black


  • seamless
  • soft microfiber
  • available in 4 patterns
  • 9.25" x 19.5" before folding/layering